Guidelines and policies

There are a handful of things we expect from every user on Your reviews and photos, as well as your profile and the comments you share, are all subject to Content Guidelines. If your activity on Locationtrip doesn't match up to these content guidelines, we reserve the right to take action as we deem necessary. This could include altering or deleting your reviews or comments, or deleting your Locationtrip account altogether, with or without notice. If you feel your review was deleted in error, email us at If you see content that does not align with these guidelines or our Terms of Service, please let us know. We will consider all reports.

User Code of Conduct

  • To make sure we collectively work towards building the highest-quality content that's useful to everyone, reviews need to be a minimum of 140 characters long. If you fill the space with junk, we might have to remove the review altogether.
  • Please keep your contributions relevant to
  • Only one review per restaurant/Hotel can be submitted.
  • Your profile is your identity on, so keep it real.
  • Identifying or promoting yourself as an official Locationtrip blogger, or using your status to solicit benefits in exchange of promotion or negative review threat to Locationtrip will not be tolerated. If reports or evidence of such instances are brought to our attention, we reserve the right to delete your Locationtrip profile without notice.
  • The content you add should be in compliance with Locationtrip's Terms and Conditions, as well as per the local laws and regulations. Local laws take precedence, and content may be moderated to adhere to these.
  • Locationtrip is a website and mobile application with no claims under law or ministry of health. If you have any dispute with restaurant, or if you feel a restaurant/hotel does not measure up to the health codes, we encourage you to contact the appropriate authorities directly. Locationtrip is not the appropriate platform for reporting illegal activities, physical confrontations and health code violations, we encourage that such accusations has to be reported to the concerned authorities rather than being mentioned in reviews.

Photo guidelines

  • Photo shots that are clear, in focus should be able to create a visual treat in the mindset of the viewers.
  • Ambiance shots that highlight the overall feel or vibe of a place will also be highlighted on restaurant pages.
  • The photo stream on a hotel's or room's, page gives users a basic idea of what to expect at the hotel /room/ home stay. Some of the basic pointers to keep in mind while uploading photos for the restaurant are follows:
  • A complete set of façade, ambiance, and food shots on a restaurant page makes the listing rich and gives the user all he needs to make an informed decision.
  • Duplicates, plagiarized photos, promotional content, photos of others posted without their permission, and very unpleasant or ugly photos that ruin people's appetites will be removed altogether.

Guidelines for hotels

Locationtrip is a great way for hotels to list their unique and speciality rooms, its features and the price. A few things you should keep in mind:
  • While our team makes every effort to keep information on Locationtrip up-to-date, we appreciate you to letting us know when an update is required.
  • The best way to get reviews is to delight or please customers with your food and service. Selective solicitation is a strict NO, and offering any type of compensation or kick-back for reviews is unfair, so you definitely want to keep away from that, too.
  • When you get a negative review, don't be panic. This happens to all that have customers. These customers are always right, even when they are wrong. Take the unflattering reviews as constructive feedback and use it as an opportunity to fix things.
  • Locationtrip will not moderate any questionable activities about your hotels posted in reviews.
  • It's also important to note that we ( have no employees or affiliates who are paid to review. If any guest identifies themselves as an official blogger, review employee, or associate of Locationtrip, it's not true. Employees of Locationtrip are contractually and ethically forbidden from using their status to solicit free meals or receive special treatment. If you observe any such practice, report it to Appropriate action will be taken against the user or employee if evidence can be provided.

Locationtrip Employee Code of Ethics

Employees of Locationtrip are expected to adhere to and uphold the highest standard of ethics and integrity. This includes acting in accordance with our core values and the below listed policies at all times.
  • Locationtrip employees are prohibited from using their employee status to solicit discounts, freebies, or special treatment at hotels. Unless visiting a hotel for official business, Locationtrip employees are refrain from identifying themselves as employees of Locationtrip.
  • Locationtrip's Sales Team is prohibited from writing reviews or adding subjective content to Locationtrip from either their personal or Locationtrip accounts.
  • They are required to use their best judgement in implementing moderation guidelines and are prohibited from giving preferential treatment to. Deleting any authentic review from a page is in violation of our policies.
Please email to ,if you witness any behavior not in compliance with this code as it is in direct violation of employee contracts.

Guidelines for hotels

Hotel rooms location Features

The features segment comprises the attributes that a user is most interested in when making a booking decision. Some of the major attribute tags that we need to keep in mind are:
  • Location features; room location in hotel, specifications, windows viewing, climate. Room attractions, i.e. sea view, moutain view, lake view, mist views etc. should be clearly mentioned and photos should be uploaded.
  • We only put up relevant pictures that showcase the hotel's ambiance or room. This is because customer is looking through the images, want to know the factors that could affect their experience at the room - primarily the ambiance and the room. Façade/exterior shots are added to help customers identify the room visually.
  • We upload images only in .JPEG format since they are the most compaitable with the website.
  • We upload images that is taken only by cameras or other good quality cameras because it affects the web site quality. Hotel should display location trip logo in your lobby.


The photo stream on a hotels / rooms, page gives users a basic idea of what to expect at the hotel /room/ home stay . A complete set of façade, ambiance, and view shots on a hotels / location trip page makes the listing rich and gives the user all he needs to make an informed decision. Some of the basic pointers to keep in mind while uploading photos for the restaurant:
  • We only put up relevant pictures that showcase the hotels/room's ambiance
  • We follow an order in which pictures appear on the photo stream, which is maintained for all,hotels :
  • Facade shots include pictures taken from the exterior of the hotel rooms, typically including the shop signage and the entrance.
  • Ambiance shots include pictures of the interiors of the hotel room that give the users information about the lighting or seating arrangement at the restaurant.
  • View shots include images of room views with by that specific location.
  • We do not put up images with people in them.
  • We also do not put up ambiance/ photos hoped images shots that are stock images, or taken from other websites, as that would be copyright infringement.
  • We upload images only in .JPEG format since they are the most compaitable with the website.